Nancy Diamond

Painter Nancy Diamond creates landscapes that appear to be primarily representational while at the same time they also seem to reflect a state of transformation.  Single flowers often float untethered in the absolute center of the picture plane, without obvious means, in a clouded sky.  In a watercolor and gouache on paper work an owl with wings fully spread is painted a bit off-center while at the same time his gaze goes straight into the viewer’s eyes. Whether the inspiration is inanimate or living, Diamond’s subjects are alive and in a state of transformation. The concreteness of the illusion in her images blurs boundaries between documenting nature and her own invention. 


A long-time resident of New York City, Nancy now lives and works in upstate New York. She earned her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design with a double degree in painting and film. Her work has been shown in exhibitions nationally and internationally. She has received grants and awards from organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts and the Marie Walsh Sharpe/Walenta space program residency.