Greta Waller | Ice Block Series

10 May - 8 Jun 2019
A consummately gifted painter, Waller is driven by her passion to explore and understand the nature of light and color. Chasing the impossible, Waller employs her subject matter to serve as vehicles through which she studies the properties of light.

A subject of primary and ongoing interest to Waller (for almost a decade) is ice. In her Ice Block Paintings, Waller places a block of ice on a plate, and then races to capture the light refracting within the block as it melts. Conceptually fascinating, this series engages the viewer by revealing a full spectrum of colors that move through the ice and its surfaces. Motivated by her curiosity, Waller is drawn to paint ice blocks because within the ice there are no boundaries. She has complete freedom to paint the rainbows of color that refract throughout the block and to challenge herself to see in new ways.