Tayloe Piggott Gallery is pleased to present new work by handcrafted furniture by designer Chris Lehrecke.

Chris Lehrecke has designed furniture for over three decades. Although trained as a studio artist, Lehrecke turned to the art of furniture in the early 80s. He began by designing high-end, custom pieces for architects and interior designers, yet quickly honed his own practice and made a name for himself within the world of design. Due to his eye for timeless shapes paired with natural lines, Lehrecke’s designs evolved into a limited production line of lamps, benches, stools, daybeds, pedestals, tables and bed frames. Each piece reverberates Lehrecke’s aesthetic, which is defined by his crisp, modern style, quality of materials, and simplistic ethos. Based in Bangall, New York, Lehrecke's designs are driven by his passion for quality craftsmanship and original design.