Kathryn Lynch

Kathryn Lynch paints like a poet, evoking emotion through eloquent imagery. On long walks through her New York neighborhood, she lets life whirl around her, a kinetic routine punctuated by perception. Certain scenes settle in her unconscious and resurface inside her studio as sketches: A tree-lined street laced with electric lines, cherry blossoms in peak blush, a ship docking. As paintings, these moments in time feel vague yet familiar, more of a suggestion than specific.


“I am painting the poetry of place rather than the place,” Kathryn said. “It’s a boat anywhere, its a sky for everyone. It’s nowhere and everywhere.”


Her visual poems begin with moments wrapped in memory. Painterly and patient, Kathryn lets her unconscious unpack what it has seen – mundane subject matter that, through excavation, emerge as transcendent testaments to beauty. “Life is beautiful even in its simplest forms,” she said. “Beauty is found in unsuspecting places.”


Indeed: Kathryn has cultivated the beauty of process and place. Working up a sketch, she waits until the scene feels right and then turns to her easel and oils. She paints one piece at a time, focusing all of her attention on that lone, elastic moment.


Ruminating as she does, themes tend to emerge in each body of work. Kathryn intuitively fascinated with seasons and interiors. Whether looking in or out a window, the peering eye takes on profundity by her hand. “The architectural frames what we can and cannot see,” she said, just as the body contains what we experience — place and person as portals. By her lyrical lens, seasons become metaphors for time’s effect on location. The way winter recasts a streetscape studded with cars and lights. The way damp air shrouds a river in early fall — observations, both formal and formless.


“I am not painting a specific place, I’m painting a specific mood and feeling about a place,” Kathryn said. “Seasons change the moods and feelings about a place. Many a poet has based their poetry on seasons, and I am basing my paintings on seasons.” A sage of place, Kathryn parses the new accumulation of imagery into universally resonant moments.


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Kathryn Lynch received her undergraduate degree from William Smith College in Geneva, NY, and an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania in 1990. Since earning her MFA, Lynch has had eleven solo exhibitions, well over thirty group shows, and has works featured in both corporate and public collections. Some of these include Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and the Millennium Art Collection in the Ritz Carlton, Battery Park, in NYC.