Lance Letscher

LANCE LETSCHER'S collages are accumulations of tiny bits of paper taken from a myriad of sources. His compositions, driven by a piecemeal aesthetic with a meticulously obsessive sensitivity to color and content, evoke both the expansiveness of the cosmos and the complex detail of microcellular life forms. Crafted with a rich and vibrant vocabulary eliciting discovery by his viewers, Letscher’s works engage us with their poetry and intricacy.
Letscher attended the University of Texas where he received both his Bachelor of Fine Arts and his Master of Fine Arts.  He later apprenticed for Amado Peña, an artist known for his Southwestern-style prints.  He currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.  His work is held in public and private collections around the country and has been reviewed in Art in America, The New York Observer, and Harper’s Magazine, among other publications.  A full-length monograph of his work, Lance Letscher: Collage, was published in 2009.