Kaidi Dunstan

Local artist, Kaidi Dunstan, captures the mysterious language of the human form. Fascinated by how bodies communicate ever-fluid emotions, Dunstan’s objective in her drawings is to bring out how we relate to one another. Illuminating the subtle rhythm of bodies, selves, and our environment, Dunstan presents enigmatic scenes that resonate with our desire to understand the connection between body and soul.


Concentrating on relationships within groups of figures, or of single figures to their backgrounds, Dunstan creates multi-layered, dynamic works. To achieve this, Dunstan often sketches a form onto a piece of tracing paper and then transfers it to paper or canvas. This process of layering creates movement within her compositions. Representing the struggle between the particular and the general, Dunstan’s arms, hands, and faces dance across the scene in fluid, inexplicable waves echoing the internal tension between these physical parts and the spirit inside.


Born in 1953 in Jackson, WY, self-taught artist Dunstan began drawing and creating objects from a young age. Impassioned by art, she continued with her studies in Oregon, Colorado, and London, England. Currently, she lives and works in London. She has been exhibited ten times in Jackson, WY as well as Diane Nelson Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. Dunstan was awarded the Visual Arts Fellowship Award in 2002 by the Wyoming Arts Council.