Troy Passey

Troy Passey is an interdisciplinary artist who merges idea with image in his text-based art. He creates conceptual pieces through thoughtful, minimalist, elemental compositions that utilize words as a visual–in addition to a written–language. In these works, words operate in many ways; some become figurative, emerging as horizon lines or objects themselves, while others playfully name, or intuitively explain and narrate the objects drawn by Passey. He considers the titles of the works to be the real texts to be read, crediting writers ranging from Emily Dickinson to Leonard Cohen, from Rainer Maria Rilke to Robert Frost, to The Cure.


Troy Passey lives, teaches, and works in Boise, Idaho. He attended Utah State University as an English major, with a minor in art history. In 1995, he attended Boise State University where he received master's in English. Passey's art has been included in four Idaho Triennials. He was a recipient of an Idaho Commission on the Arts Fellowship. Passey has had solo exhibitions at the Boise Art Museum, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Gallery CTA, and the Ogle Gallery in Portland. His work has also been shown in group shows in Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Miami.