Sawkille Co.

Sawkille Co. is recognized for its designs and its quality of craftsmanship. Sawkille Co. was founded by Jonah Meyer and Tara De Lisio with the intention, simply put, to participate in this good world in a good way, and to create products and a work environment that reflect the value of human effort and creative vision. At their workshop in headquarters in Rhinebeck, New York, all pieces are handcrafted using sustainably forested material and the production shop located is a no-waste facility. All the wood utilized in production comes from the surrounding forests, and pieces are often finished and hand rubbed using beeswax of Danish oil. A local potter is provided leftover sawdust to fuel his firings, and unused stumps of waste trees are upcycled into the modern yet understated furnishings Sawkille has become so known for. Some of Sawkille's signature finishes include ebonized walnut, bleached maple, blackened steel, indigo dye and playful inlays of brass or abalone shell. However, whatever the finish, each piece is handcrafted.