Mike Piggott


Not unlike a photographer that collects images on film, Mike Piggott collects images in his memory and waits for the moment he can explore them on his canvases. 

In Piggott’s newest body of work, chickadees float freely in space with wings folded; an owl hovers above a branch in a field of green and blue that appears more like camouflage than tree leaves; watermelon slices lay carefully arranged on a log floor; and yellow daffodils cast a red shadow. Mike Piggott is an exceptional painter, he knows the history of art and he understands modernism. 

His painting “Black Floral” depicts a small table in an all but empty room and begs for a vase of flowers on the cloth-covered table. Piggott teases the viewer with a Cezanne-like tabletop that lifts to shift perspective. In the intimate painting “Carol’s Clock #2” sans the hands, Piggott has included two framed artworks from his past, not by his hand but by artists who have inspired him. 

Mike Piggott’s new paintings are not only compelling and curiously autobiographical, but historically referential in style. His new work, possibly full of inside jokes and innuendo, may just be his best yet. 


Mike Piggott was born in 1963, Charlottesville, VA. He received his BA at Virginia Commonwealth University and studied at the Winchester College of Art, Winchester, England.  Mike Piggott has had numerous solo exhibitions at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Jackson, WY, the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg, VA, and at the Neapolitan Gallery, Richmond, VA, and participated in various group exhibitions.  Mike Piggott lives and works in Victor, Idaho.